Chicken Wing King

Chicken Wing King

At Harvey's Kitchen, we're crowning the Chicken Wing King of midweek meals! πŸ—πŸ‘‘

Succulent, crispy chicken wings, perfectly seasoned and sauced to perfection – that's our Chicken Wing King. Whether you're dining solo or feeding the whole family, these wings are the ultimate game-changer for tasty midweek meals.

Not only are these wings incredibly delicious, but they're also convenient and quick to prepare, making them the ideal choice for those busy midweek nights when you want something satisfying and hassle-free.

Ditch the ordinary and feast like royalty with the Chicken Wing King from Harvey's Kitchen. It's time to elevate your midweek dining experience and make family feeds unforgettable. πŸ—πŸ‘‘ #HarveysKitchen #FamilyFeeds #TastyMidweekMeals

Chicken Wing King



  • Heat oven or BBQ to 200℃.
  • Wash chicken wings and allow to partly dry. You can break the chicken wings down into drumette, wingette and wing tips if desired, I like them as they are.
  • In a bowl mix flours and Harveys Kitchen Flavour. Line a baking tray with baking paper
  • Grab an old shopping bag and add the dry mix and chicken wings. Seal the bag with your hand or a tie and then shake, shake, shake. Open bag and check but you should have a bag of perfectly coated chicken wings.
  • Lay chicken wings onto the baking paper tray and allow to sit letting the chicken juices absorb into the flour. This will give you a great finish.
  • Cook Chicken wings for 30-40 minutes, turn wings over half way.
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