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Dukkah Chicken Pops

Dukkah Chicken Pops

Authored By David Wilson

 Dukkah Chicken Pops are a great way to start a party, easy canapes or a quick snack to feed and hungry tribe. They use the great flavours in our new Dukkah spice mix matched with roasted chicken that comes with its own stick.

Dukkah Chicken Pops


1 kg chicken drummettes
1/2 cup Dukkah Mix
olive oil



Chicken drummettes are the end piece on a chicken wing,
looks like a little drumstick. You can get these from you butcher ready or you can buy whole chicken wings and cut your own.
Take the drummettes and pull/roll the meat down off the bone you create the lollypop effect.
Heat oven to 180oC.
Place 1/2 cup Harvey’s Dukkah Mix in a large bowl and add
prepared chicken drummettes.
Toss chicken in spice mix till they are roughly coated.
On a baking tray drizzle a light layer of olive oil.
Stand coated chicken upright on tray and place in oven.
Bake till chicken has coloured, and they are roasted to the bone - approx 15-20 mins.
Serve as a great treat or party starter.

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