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If you love smokiness, spice and sweetness then you have found your match. Bernie is a great blend of Mustard Seed, Peppercorns, Cayenne Pepper and Chilli Powder with sweet brown sugar and cumin, topped off with Hickory Smoke and Smoked Paprika.

Bit of heat, Bit of Sweet followed by a subtile hint of smoke. Great for those who love a smokey flavour straight of the BBQ or out of the oven.


Sweet and Spicy Sally. I have to admit Sally is my favourite, sugar, salt, chilli and paprika rounded off with hints of garlic, cumin, cayenne and thyme with a touch of cinnamon.

This blend is perfect for creating a dream pulled pork, flavouring your favourite bbq meat or making the next potato bake sing as it leaves the oven. 


The smell from the BBQ will have family and friends coming for miles when you cook with Hugo. Packed with a mean green herbalistic blend of Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Marjoram and Green Peppercorns, with hints of Honey, Fennel and Lemon Peel.

Hugo makes the meat sing and creates a roast aroma that will make your guests coming back for more.


If you are a lover of sweet, sour, salty and spicy all rolled into one then this is the perfect spice blend for you. Shiro Spice blend comes together with a Soy Sauce and Palm Sugar balance followed by hints of Honey, Ginger and Citrus.


Every dish you cook will benefit from using Rocky. A great balance of earthy tones with the Himalayan Salt, Mustard Seeds and Rubbed Thyme will give everything from Roasts and Potatoes, through to Pan Fried Fish and your favourite steak an extra zing. My favourite is using Rocky Salt to season my pan fried eggs. 



The aroma will be outstanding when you open the BBQ. Harry Salt is a blend of Rosemary and Hickory Smoke that will make any Roast sing, and bring your slow cooked Pork to life.

This is perfect seasoning that will add the punch of flavour and smokiness to any dish. Number one on my list is a BBQ Leg of Lamb rubbed with Harry Salt and slow cooked till falling off the bone.


Akira is the love child of lemon salt and ginger spice. We have balanced the Kosher Sea Salt with ginger root, galangal and star anise, all finished with ground lemon peel.

This mix gives a real bite and freshness to the seasoning and the aromas of the asian kitchen. Great for seasoning chicken or curing your own side of Salmon.


I'll be clear, Mack is just angry. This is our hot smokey salt mix. Made from earthy Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Chilli and Mesquite Smoke this is one for those who like it hot. Perfect for making a spicy roast crust, hot beef chilli or seasoning your favourite smokin chicken wings.


If you love the classic Spanish flavours of a great paella then this spice blend will make your day. El Fergo is a great spice for any type of paella with Smoked Paprika, Garlic and Onion backed by green herbs and with a zesty finish. This paella mix will make your next chicken and chorizo paella pop or turn a seafood paella into a Spanish extravaganza.


Roasted Hazelnut Dukkah blend is a perfect combination of spices, herbs, nuts and seeds. Dry roasted cashews and hazelnuts are mixed with sesame seeds, parsley, coriander, cumin, black pepper, red bell pepper, seedless hot chillies, sumac and salt to create an amazing flavour combination.

Harvey's Kitchen BBQ Salt Rub Bundle - 4 Pack

Harvey's Kitchen BBQ Salt Rub Bundle is a full set of the Harvey's Salt Blends including Harry, Rocky, Mack and Akira. Perfect gift for any BBQ master or family cook. 

Each Salt Pack includes:

  • Mack Mesquite Chilli Salt
  • Harry Smokey Hickory Salt
  • Rocky Garlic Thyme Salt
  • Akira Ginger Citrus Salt

+ BONUS Umami Porcini Salt

+ FREE SHIPPING Australia-wide

$61.00 $30.50
Harvey's Kitchen BBQ Spice Rub Bundle - 4 Pack

Harvey's Kitchen BBQ Spice Rub Bundle is a full set of the Harvey's Spice Blends including Hugo, Akira, Shiro and Bernie. Perfect gift for any BBQ master or family cook.

Each Spicy Box includes:

  • Bernie Smokey and Spice BBQ Rub
  • Sally Sweet and Spicy BBQ Rub
  • Hugo Herbalistic BBQ Rub
  • Shiro Sweet Soy and Citrus BBQ Rub

+ BONUS Roasted Hazelnut Dukkah

+ FREE SHIPPING Australia-wide

$61.00 $30.50
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