Great DIY cured fish recipe for the most versatile fish in the kitchen

DIY Cured Salmon


1-1.5 kg salmon fillet

⅓ cup Onion Porcini

Salty Flavour

⅓ cup white sugar

1 bunch dill



Clean and trim the salmon, check for bones and remove the

excess fats.

Lay out cling film, enough to wrap the salmon.

Lay salmon skin side down on cling film and cover top flesh

with dill sprigs. (Be generous)

Mix the Onion Porcini Salty Flavour and sugar, cover entire

salmon flesh, press it down onto the salmon.

Wrap salmon in cling film (Double wrap to guard against leaks)

then place on a tray in the fridge and leave to cure for 2-3

days, till fish feels firm.

Remove salmon from fridge and wash salt, sugar and dill off

under cold water, pat dry and place in fridge on a rack to air

dry till the flesh feels tacky.

This is ready to eat as cured salmon, thinly sliced over pasta,

avocado salad or my favourite scrambled eggs.

You can also hot or cold smoke the salmon for more flavour.

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