Simple dish you can make at home, chop sticks optional

Crispy Karaage Chicken


1kg chicken thighs


Asian Market

Signature Dust

⅓ cup cornflour

⅓ cup plain flour



Cut chicken thigh into 2cm chunks across.

In a bowl add chicken thigh and shake on a dusting of Asian

Market Signature Dust.

Mix well to coat all chicken, cover and refrigerate for 1hour.

On a tray, mix both flours and sprinkle of salt.

Take chicken and coat in flour mix, then lay on a baking paper

lined tray.

The secret of getting a crispy finish is to leave the chicken to

sit and allow the juice to absorb the flour mix.

Fry chicken in a shallow flyer or deep fryer. I use a large

shallow pan with Ч cm of oil and turn the chicken, allow about

2- 3 minutes each side depending on thickness.

Season Chicken with salt when cooked.

Serve with soy sauce, sweet chilli and fresh asian leaves.

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