Fried Chicken is just like a big hug

Everybody loves fried chicken. This recipe will give tender crispy chicken that will see the plate clean in minutes. The honey and lemon at the end just takes it to another level. Yum

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Honey Fried Chicken

2 whole chickens
1/2 cup Garlic Rosemary Salty Flavour
1/2 cup vinegar
1 lemon
1 cup full cream milk
1/2 cup Sweet Brown Meat Rub
1 cup plain flour
1 cup corn flour
oil for frying
1/2 cup honey
2 cloves garlic
2 tbsp soy sauce

In a deep pan add Smokey Rosemary Salty Flavourd, vinegar, 1/2 lemon and 6 cups of water. Turn on a low heat.
Cut chicken into pieces or ask the butcher to do it.
Place chicken pieces into liquid, add extra water to cover.
Slowly cook till it has poached through on a low heat – 80℃.
Gently remove chicken from pan and allow to cool on a rack.
In a small pan add honey, garlic gloves and soy sauce.
Heat on a low temp till the honey melts – set aside.
Mix Sweet Brown and both flours in a large bowl.
You can use any of the Harvey’s Kitchen Meat Rubs or Salty Flavours.
When chicken has cooled dip it into a bowl of milk and then
into the flour mix. Place on a tray and allow flour and milk to combine to create a sticky tacky coating. You can double coat if you want a really crispy & crunchy finish.
Heat oil in a heavy pan to 180℃ – oil at least 1-2cm deep.
Place coated chicken into oil and cook till golden.
Cook these 3-4 pieces at a time.
When crunchy and golden set aside.
Serve hot with a drizzle of honey and a squeeze of lemon.

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