Do Yourself a Flavour

Do yourself a flavour – Quick and easy flavours to feed the family.

As a father of two, I know that when it’s feeding time you need to get food on the table quick smart before the tribe gets Hangry. I created these Flavour Packed Rubs for families that love to cook tasty food in quick time, without any real fuss.

I spent over 25 years working in professional kitchens around foods and flavours. When I was out of the kitchen I found that most people didn’t cook from scratch or had a fear of cooking and using flavours to create great meals. So I took flavours and skills from my experience in the kitchen to create a range of spice blends that are easy to use and make cooking great food simple for family home cooks.

We take great pride in our products, and our passion for flavour is found in every product we create. We buy quality herbs and spices from Australian suppliers to create premium flavour BBQ Rubs. In fact, we can say that 100% of our ingredients are sourced from Australian suppliers and Made in Australia.

I’d like to personally invite you to try one of our flavours on your next great family feed.

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