Meat Rub & Salty Flavour BBQ Pack


Harvey’s Kitchen Meat Rub & Salty Flavour BBQ Pack is the full set of 10 Harvey’s Meat Rubs, Beef Rubs  and Salty Flavours. Great flavours for every style of BBQ, smoker or home cooking.

Each Meat Rub & Salty Flavour BBQ Pack includes:

  • Smokey Spicy Meat Rub
  • Sweet Brown Meat Rub
  • Herbs and Honey Meat Rub
  • S+P Classic Meat Rub
  • Bad Betty Espresso Beef Rub
  • Sweet Dianne Beef Rub
  • Smokey Rosemary Salty Flavour
  • Garlic & Thyme Salty Flavour
  • Smokey Morita Chilli Salty Flavour
  • Roast Onion & Porcini Salty Flavour

+ Carnivore Candystore Bottle Opener

+ $5 FLAT RATE Shipping Australia-wide

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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm