Sweet Dianne Beef Rub


Sweet Dianne lends its flavours form the old school Dianne Style Sauce people used to splash over beef years ago. Sweet blend of roast garlic, red salt, mixed dried peppers, Worcestershire and tomato provide the perfect balance of sweetness and kick of Worcestershire for all beef and lamb cooking.

This blend is perfect for creating amazing beef ribs, juicy reversed seared steaks or flavouring your favourite lamb roast. 

  • Sweet Dianne Beef Rub 75gr
  • Hand Crafted BBQ Rub
  • Roast Garlic, Tomato, Worcestershire & Peppers
  • Perfect base rub for Beef Ribs or Roast Lamb
  • Flavour and Colours for great bbq finish

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Using Harvey’s Kitchen Meat Rubs

  1. Rub meat with Meat Rubs (we recommend a thin coating, you can always add more later)
  2. Allow meat to sit and let the rub absorb into the meat (2hrs to overnight)
  3. Roast, Grill, Smoke or BBQ you meat – for loads of cooking ideas click here
  4. Allow you meat to rest then Pull, Carve and devour flavour packed goodness.

Try the great recipes Harvey’s Kitchen Recipes.

Sweet Dianne Beef Rub Ingredients

Dried Peppers & Vegetables, Tomato, Onion, Black Pepper, Red Salt, Parsley, Garlic, Worcestershire (GF)

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