Smokey Hickory and Rosemary – Salty Flavour


The aroma will be outstanding when you open the BBQ. Blend of Rosemary and Hickory that will make any roast sing, and bring your slow cooked Pork to life.

This is perfect seasoning that will add the punch of flavour and smokiness to any dish.

  • Smokey Hickory and Rosemary Flavour 75gr
  • Blended BBQ Salt Rub
  • Toasted Rosemary and Hickory
  • Make rosemary bacon, Season a leg of pork, quick smokey chicken in the pan.

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Using Harvey’s Kitchen Salty Flavour

  1. Season your meat, vegetables or seafood. Use these like normal salt.
  2. Roast Grill & BBQ you chosen meat treat  – for loads of cooking ideas click here
  3. Allow you meat to rest then taste, add more seaming as required
  4. Slice, dice, carve and enjoy the flavour packed goodness.

Try the great recipes Harvey’s Kitchen Recipes.

Smokey Hickory and Rosemary Salty Flavour Ingredients:

Kosher Sea Salt Flakes, Dried Rosemary, Dehydrated Hickory Smoke.

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