BBQ Smoker Can - Ironbark BBQ Smoker Flavour
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BBQ Smoker Can - Ironbark BBQ Smoker Flavour

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Easy & Simple BBQ Smoker flavour 

Harvey’s Kitchen BBQ Smoker Cans allow you give meat, chicken, fish and vegetables a rich smokey flavour right off your gas BBQ or Weber. Easy to use and no mess on the grill.

  • All natural wood smoke flavour.
  • Each Can contains a blend or pure sawdust and walnut shells
  • Use on Gas BBQ, Weber or charcoal BBQ.
  • Provides up to 1hr of smoke
  • Made in the Australia from 100% pure Australian Sawdust.

Choose from Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Grey Box, Tasmanian Oak, Tea Tree, Ironbark, Red Gum and Cherry  for a different flavour finish.


How to use your Harvey's Kitchen BBQ Smoker Can

STEP 1: Twist off the can lid and remove the wax paper seal

STEP 2: Using a pen poke a hole through the paper label using the hole in the lid

STEP 3: Twist lid back onto BBQ Smoker Can





Smoke Flavours

HICKORY - Hickory smoke creates a sweet, yet strong flavour to just about all type of red meat and seafoods. Very popular with pork and ribs.

MESQUITE - Mesquite smoke has a strong and earthy flavour that is perfect for slow BBQ cooking and smoking red meats. Great flavour with Beef, Lamb or Pork.

APPLE (Sweet Golden Delicious trees) - Applewood smoke is sweet smoke for pork, beef, chicken, seafood and lamb.

TASMANIAN OAK - Tasmanian Oak is used for traditional Yellow coloured smoked fish and Speck. Great for for pork, beef, chicken and seafood

TEA TREE - Tea Tree smoke is an excellent native for smoking fish and it is good smoke flavour for all meats, seafood, and cheeses.

GREY BOX - Grey Box Smoke is an excellent allrounder perfect for getting a great smokey flavour and colour into everything including pork, beef, chicken, seafood, lamb, Small goods, Cheeses and Vegetables.

IRONBARK - Ironbark Smoke is an excellent mild allrounder perfect for getting a great smokey flavour into beef, chicken, seafood & lamb.

CHERRY - Cherry smoke is sweet smoke for cheeses, pork, chicken, sausages, Safeway beef snags, salami, and jerky.

RED GUM - RED Gum is similar to Hickory in flavour, many Butchers here use it to smoke sausages, meats and cheese.

PURE CRUSHED WALNUT SHELLSWe add crushed walnuts to our BBQ Smoker Cans to allow the heat to rise through the shells and in to the smouldering sawdust for a longer burn time. Creates a fine smoke and adds a mild nutty flavour to Fish, Chicken & Seafood.

All Harvey’s products are handcrafted in Australia using quality ingredients. Our range is made using no gluten products, dairy products, caking agents, fillers or artificial preservatives.

From our Brisbane Kitchens we have worked with and sourced Australian suppliers of quality ingredients to develop the Harvey’s handcrafted sauces, Splendid Gentlemen sauces, Meat Rub, Salty Flavour and Umami Dust products that can be used and enjoyed by all levels of foodies, home cooks and BBQ lovers. 

Every ingredient we use has been chosen and added with a flavour purpose. If we don’t eat it it doesn’t make the cut.

Learn more about Harvey's Kitchen and BBQ Culture.

Try the great recipes Harvey’s Kitchen Recipes.

Harvey's Meat Rubs Perfect BBQ Rubs for your favourite meats. Based on a 30/30/40 blend, Harvey’s Meat rubs are a perfect balance of sweetness, saltiness and spice. Rub into your favourite cut of Pork, Beef, Chicken, Lamb. Sprinkle on fish and vegetables, create flavoured oils and beautiful coatings. Use them as a bbq rub for BBQ, slow cooking or smoking to enhance flavours. Even use them as a flavour hit on your favourite steak or stir-fry.

Harvey's Salty Flavours are made using premium Kosher Pacific Salt Flakes and Himalayan Pink Salt. Everything from seasoning your favourite dishes, rubbing roasts, dry brining your favourite meat and vegetables, curing fish, bacon and preserving meats. Replace your normal salt with Harvey’s Salty Flavour and make every dish, even the simple ones taste amazing.

Harvey's Umami Dust are made using premium Kosher Pacific Salt Flakes and earthy Umami flavours. We have blended quality salts with Umami rich ingredients porcini and shiitake mushrooms, roasted wakame, roasted tomato, and roasted vegetables. Season your favourite meats and vegetables to help enhance your foods natural flavours and savoury ’Umami’ tastes.

Harvey's Handcrafted Sauces are a market fresh to bottle range for Harvey’s Sauces and Splendid Gentlemen Sauces. Handcrafted with market fresh ingredients, they are just perfect on their own as a sauce or step up and use them as a sauce base or brush onto cooking meat on the BBQ.

Harvey’s BBQ Smoker Cans are old school smoking at its finest. These small cans pack a punch are made to use on BBQ’s or in a fire pit to get a hit of smokey flavour. These will not replace a pro-smoker but give you the opportunity to add some smokey flavour to a BBQ, grill or even in a stovetop pan. 


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